This was a custom cake topper for a truly lovely couple! The groom had surprised his bride by proposing during a biplane ride. Because of this they knew they wanted to incorporate this very significant moment into their wedding somehow... But how? It was when we met for the bride's accessories that they realized (while sitting in my showroom) I was someone who could help them incorporate their biplane as a custom cake topper.

Not only was I up for the challange, I went out and found a model plane kit, assembled the it, painted it red, added Swarovski crystal rhinestones as embellishments (at the brides request), and even coated the tail and wheels with sparkling sugar coated glitter.


The clouds were made of polyester fiber fill and suspended on thin spirals of white colored wire. It was a huge success, enchanting the bride, the groom and all of their guests!

Originally? The plan was to use real cotton candy for the clouds. I even bought a small at-home cotton candy maker and set the topper up with the sweet treat clouds.

Unfortunately, the wedding was in February and she quickly realized that humidity and cotton candy don't mix well. Strike that. Actually I found that they mixed too well with the cotton candy absorbing the moisture out of the air. As it did, the clouds became smaller and smaller. So if you live in a dessert climate you could replicate this topper with cotton candy, but if you're coastal the fiber fill is probably best.

Pricing for this topper style begins at $450.00
Why so expensive? The high price is due to the time it takes to build the plane kit. After constructing the plane it has to be painted. Some paints require as many as 4-5 coats to cover completely plus the clear coat and additional embellishments. This is followed by constructing the wire framework. So while not complicated, it is a very time consuiming process.

CLICK HERE if you would like to visit the DIY photo tutorial that walks you through how to make this topper yourself!


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