The Cake Topper Caper

One bride's sad tale of treachery and theft.

All the bride wanted was a Gerber Daisy cake topper. A simple enough request on the surface, but fate had other plans. After meeting with the bride and her wedding consultant, I created a small sample of three daisies. I gave them to her consultant soon after our initial meeting and it was stolen, yes that's right stolen, from the consultant before the bride ever saw the sample!

In order for the bride to approve the design, I then created an actual prototype of her 6 daisy topper. She loved it and placed her order happily looking forward to seeing her colorful, whimsical, little, beaded flower cake topper on her wedding day.Her consultant, who was especially wary after the first topper went missing, vigilantly guarded the new topper as the cake was being cut. She was there at the ready when it was removed from the cake to put it back in it's box, but it was passed along from person to person as many of the guests wanted a closer look. And then it happened..."Poof"It was gone! Stolen for the second time!The moral of this story: If you are a sentimental person and want to save your mementos, assign individuals in your bridal party or family to immediately put them away for safe keeping after they are done being used.And to the guilty parties who take things from other peoples weddings...SHAME ON YOU!

The bride and groom are the ones who end up having to pay extra to replace missing items. Think about that the next time you're tempted!


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