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San Jose Mercury News
Tulles of the Trade
Crowning Glories
"I do" to Bridal Showers

San Francisco Chronicle
Return to Romance
Must Have

The Campbell Reporter

Changing the Store Name

Newspaper (con't)
Cambrian Times
Resident Creates Bridal Veils

Wedding Bells Magazine
Brides Northern California

Meet the Wedding Bloggers

Women's Initiative

HGTV: Crafters Coast to Coast
NBC - KNTV - bridal veils
NBC - KNTV - bridal veils
NBC - KNTV - origami
NBC - KNTV - holiday crafts
NBC - KNTV - holiday accessories

Vendor Chic

Women's Initiative

 Woman Entrepreneur 2009

Vendor Chic

Proposal in Paradise


Meet the Wedding Bloggers

30 minute audio podcast interview


Northern California Brides
"NoCal Fashion & Beauty"

Wedding Bells
"Insider's Tip"


Home and Garden Television
"Crafters Coast to Coast"

By Recommendation Only
"A New Cake Creation for 2005"

San Jose Mercury News
"Saying I do to Bridal Showers"


Campbell Reporter
"After changing the name..."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Return to Romance"

San Jose Mercury News
"Crowning Glories"

San Jose Mercury News

"Tulles of the Trade"


Press about my dog, Kitai, and I

The TODAY Show, HGTV, The Dog Whisperer, The Campbell Reporter, NBC 11, Santa Clara Weekly, Dogster.com, Mutts Comics...

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