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Crowning Glories

by Crystal Chow

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS - Arts & Entertainment
January 25, 2002

The crowning glory to your nuptial ensemble could very well be the headpiece that secures the veil to your well-coiffed hair. It's not a detail to be taken lightly. As custom designer Stacie Tamaki advises, ''Remember that your veil and headpiece are going to be in all of your wedding photographs, framing your face and complementing your gown, so give them all of the consideration they deserve.''

Tamaki, who used to own Happily Ever After in San Jose, relocated to Campbell in December. Her collection of bridal, evening and special-occasion accessories is now housed in a boutique called Leiko (pronounced lay-ko). Although some tiaras are available there for purchase, Tamaki usually creates pieces by hand -- using materials such as crystals, beads and freshwater pearls -- in consultation with the eventual wearer.

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