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A New Cake Creation for 2005 BRO
A New Cake Creation for 2005 BRO vendors work together to create something fabulous

January 2005

When I visited Stacie Tamaki, owner of Leiko and Flirty Bride to look at her custom veils and tiaras, she showed me her new whimsical cake top creations. I immediately was taken by the fine, delicate, and innovative design.

Nancy Kux, owner of Nancy's Fancies picked up the thread and made this fabulous cake in spring colors. "Just ask for something and see if we can create it for you.

Photographer George Delgado was so kind to take the picture and to provide advice where to place the cake to show it off best.

Stacie Tamaki (Leiko and Flirty Bride): To me the brides most fun to work with are those who flirt with ideas and aren't afraid to break tradition. For them I created a new line of original design cake tops. Nancy and I cooperated to create this cake as a sample for a fresh approach to wedding cakes. I will work with you to design a topper that will complement both the design and colors of your cake.

My whimsical Dragonfly Delight has become an instant success. The delicate beaded dragonflies sway to and fro on thin spirals of wire. Currently I am working on a topper with a small red biplane to symbolize where the groom proposed to his fiancée. I am envisioning the plane amidst floating cotton candy clouds... an idea that delighted the bride.

I also have received a request to create a topper that will have over 100 miniature origami cranes suspended gracefully above the top tier of the cake.

My other specialties include creating custom bridal veils, headpieces and jewelry as well as sets of 1000 origami cranes to symbolize good luck to the bride and groom.

Nancy Kux (Nancy's Fancies): As important as a great-tasting cake is its decoration. Here at the bakery we work on both of these so important aspects, since the bride is always associated with an artistic-clever, creative, and whimsical design.

When Stacie showed me her capricious dragon flies, I immediately envisioned a light spring design to show off her fun, eye-catching creation. However, there are many ways to accommodate this cake top such as piped dragon flies on the cake or subtle flower decoration above which dragon flies play.

During my years in the business I certainly have created many cakes according to different colors and wedding themes. I have made designs based on invitations, table linen design, decorated with seasonal flowers and fruits, wheat sheaves, Chinese symbols; either piped on or with icing or made of sugar dough. We once made a cake that looked like it was in the middle of a forest, complete with a bird's nest, bees, and flowers.

My cakes accommodate Stacie's fresh and different cake tops opening up a whole new array of of light whimsical creations. She and I will work with you to show your guests how unique and much fun a wedding cake can be.

George Delgado Photography: The placement of the cake is crucial in creating memorable photographs. As a photographer I am amazed how often the cake ends up in a corner or in front of other distractions. Usually with all the excitement of the wedding day you will only notice later when looking at the photographs that your beautiful cake was in front of a glaring window, a thermostat, or fire extinguishers. With the advent of digital photography some of these things can be edited out of the picture at an additional cost to the bride and groom, which can be avoided with a little planning.

Your wedding cake is one of the centerpieces of your reception, why not show it off! Plan ahead and create a picture perfect moment without distractions! Ask for a rolling table which some facilities already offer. Such a table will allow the cake to be moved to the center of the dance floor where all of the guests can gather around it, elevating it to the special moment you always imagined it would be.

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