A Custom Commission
Gown by Vera Wang

I was asked to replicate the very elaborate head dress the bride's future mother-in-law wore on her own wedding day. I was fortunate enough to view it in person when the bride was able to bring the original to a consultation.

The most challenging aspect of this commission was the large scale of the head dress. I am accustomed to working in miniature which is where I found my inspiration; I used a different technique to create the branches and used teeny tiny glass beads that were much smaller then those used on the original head dress giving the finished piece a lighter more delicate appearance.

One of the embellishment details of the gown consisted of a delicate petal and branch silk ribbon embroidery that I complemented by hand-trimming hundreds of tiny round French satin sequins into squares to reflect the small square shaped petals of the ribbon.

The original head dress from the Philippines.

          The completed new head dress.

          Comprised of:
          glass beads
          pearl beads
          Swarovski Austrian crystals
          French satin sequins
          Mother of Pearl beads


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