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Welcome to The Flirty Bride
A custom couture bridal accessories design studio.

A message from Stacie Tamaki (aka The Flirty Bride)

It was with sadness that I retired The Flirty Bride in 2010. It was time for me to move on, taking my design creativity, and begin to actively pursue my dream to create a message and movement through my origami artwork. I thank all of the brides I had the pleasure of serving for 13 years here in the Bay Area and beyond. For now, I am leaving the site online as an inspirational design archive that will hopefully help new brides to embrace ideas that lie beyond "traditional" wedding accessories.

"To me being flirty is a state of mind. It's about being daring and having fun as YOU define who you are."

If you are determined to follow your own vision and have a spectacular sense of style you, are the quintessential Flirty Bride!

Because I am a one woman design studio, choosing custom made accessories from The Flirty Bride assures you of very personal service, exceptional craftsmanship, original designs and often one-of-a-kind accessories you won't find anywhere else!

Many of the most interesting requests I have received over the years have been for ideas that were really important to my brides but because they were so "outside of the box" they couldn't find any designers willing or able to implement them.

Sometimes the challenge was fabricating their new idea (like the Limoge pill box ring cushion), other times it is making an odd color palette work (like the bride who wanted a sage green, burgundy, gold and peach colored money purse). Most often it was to simply create matching accessories by using fabric provided by the bride such as the purple basket and ring cushion set above made out of the same fabric as the bridesmaid gowns. The Swarovski crystal frog bouquet ornament and the crystal pineapple name card holders were both very unusual requests but so much fun to make!

I loved when brides contacted me with these unusual requests. The more interesting the challenge was the more it inspired me!

Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for visiting my web site.

Stacie Tamaki

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